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Our Services

Real Women, Real Skin, Real Results

Million Dollar Facial


Million Dollar Body Example


Body Rejuvenation

A luxurious facial where science meets indulgence. Working your skin from the outside in, this treatment has been designed to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and remove non terminal hair, polish the skin, flush toxins, increase and stimulate our natural collagen and cell turnover.

This method will heavily increase the absorption of any active ingredients by 80% as opposed to 8%, this is why we use a hyaluronic acid mask for maximum results. It is the epitome of luxury with Million Dollar© results.




• lines and wrinkles

• Dull or tired skin. 

• Acne scarring

• Puffiness

• Removal of peach fuzz

• Rosacea

• Acne breakouts

• All skin types

• A course of 4 to 6 is advised (one session every 4 to 6 weeks for maximum results)


Elevated absorption levels of up to 80%

• Brighter skin

• Professional skin analysis

• Smoother skin

• Increased hydration levels 

• Flawless makeup application

• Reduces scarring

• Firmer skin

• Increases collagen production

• Removes 4 weeks worth of dead skin cells

• Reduce appearance of broken capillaries

• Lymphatic drainage removes built up toxins

• Glowing, even skin tone

• Reduces pigmentation inc (PIH)

• Instant results with ongoing benefits


Million Dollar Hair Example

Hair Rejuvenation

Plasma Fibroblast

Fat Destruction 

Skin Tone & Tightening 

Cellulite Reduction 

This system destroys fat cells in most body areas. Between 5 to 10 treatments are recommended at one treatment per week - then a maintenance of 1 treatment every 2 months thereafter to maintain the results.  

This service is known for providing remarkable proven results.  Clients can rest assured that our beautiful, clean and private facilities will ensure their highest level of comfort. To learn more about how this service can help you and your problem area with a bespoke package of treatments specifically personalised to your unique needs, please speak to us with confidence that we can make a difference. 

Lipo Cavitation

Fibroblast is a new to the sector, nonsurgical skin rejuvenating treatment.  A highly effective, remarkable alternative to surgery. 


Eyelid lifting, Lower Eye Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction, Brow lift, Jowl lift,  Neck tightening, Upper lip wrinkles, Nasolabial, Frown lines,  Stretch marks,  Scars,  and more!.  

This remarkable new treatment uses a  non-invasive approach to stimulate the formation of healthier, younger and tighter skin.  We achieve incredible results by using our specifically designed state of the art Plasma Device.  The result is a dramatic decrease in the slackened skin in numerous regions of the face and body, brighter skin tone and better laxity and texture. 


To learn more about how this service can be personalised for your unique needs, feel free to make contact today.


Want to learn more about our treatments? Contact us today.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency


Anti Ageing, Tightening & Toning

Using only state-of-the-art technology, we know this treatment will exceed your expectations. This service is highly customisable so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise.  This treatment is a favourite for clients seeking a non-invasive face-lift, help with tummy tightening and non-invasive bum lifts!   If you’re interested in this service contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Dermaplaning is a 45-minute manual exfoliation cosmetic procedure that gently abrades the top layers of the skin using a surgical blade with our industry leading Million Dollar professional skin care products. The procedure aims to increase the absorption of skincare /topical products and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment stimulates collagen and creates a healthy glow and a radiant complexion.

Dermaplane aims to make your skins surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. It is also used to remove “peach fuzz” the short soft vellus nonterminal hair from your face. Dermaplaning removes up to 3 x times more dead skin cells than a microdermabrasion treatment.

Microneedle therapy (also referred to as Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)  is one the easiest and most effective skin treatments available and is a process which is carried out in clinic. Skin Needling or Micro-Needling is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy which is intended to significantly improve the appearance of acne scars, aged and sun-damaged skin, facial and décolleté lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. It is also useful in dramatically increasing absorption of topically applied skin preparations.

The concept of skin needling is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical damage such as cuts, burns and other abrasions. Immediately after an injury occurs to the skin our body reuses the damaged collagen and elastin fibres as well as other damaged skin components to produce new ones. Skin needling allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair mechanism.  



Profhilo - Skin Booster

The first of its kind, Profhilo® is a revolutionary 'beneath the skin' hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment, made with the patented NAHYCO® technology. This results in a unique hyaluronic acid injectable gel, which has a prolonged stimulating activity on the dermal cells. When injected into skin, Profhilo stimulates the skin cell receptors to counteract skin laxity and improve and restore firmness of the skin.


One of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, Profhilo not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue. The most common areas of treatment include the face and neck and can also be used for the décolletage, hands, arms, knees and abdomen area where it would effectively treat skin laxity. The treatment is suitable for men and women as well as offering skin benefits for patients of all ages.


Aqualyx fat disolving injections

An injectable treatment for stubborn areas of fat.  The number of treatments required will vary depending on lifestyle, expectations and the amount of fat.  You should expect to require 3+ treatments per area.  Aftercare guidance will be given during the consultation.  This treatment is not offered unless asked for as promotion of this treatment goes against our principles.

Hydra Facial

A rejuvenating and deep cleansing treatment that will leave you feeling super fresh and your skin invigorated.  Deep pore conditioning and perfect for anyone struggling with congested skin.   Your skin will look hydrated, fresh and toned.


Fractional Radio Frequency

Fractional RF systems induce both ablation and coagulation. Small pins sit on the surface of the skin and emit radio frequency energy into the epidermis. The radio frequency energy creates heat in the skin and simultaneously ablates tiny channels of the epidermis while creating coagulation around the tiny ablated channels,  stimulating a wound-healing response. All of this is done fractionally (in tiny pin-points), having great effects but not requiring a long time for the skin to heal.

Ablation and coagulation have a combined effect on the skin. New skin grows in the wounded micro-channels while fibroblasts are creating new collagen and elastin fibers to heal wounded tissue. The new skin gives a refreshed appearance to the skin overall, and subsequent treatments with appropriate maintenance give excellent, long-term results, comparable to those of any other skin resurfacing method.

FRF 1.jpg

Skin Peels

Many skin problems are associated with an excessive build up of dead skin cells, which make the skin thick and dull, usually clogging the pores.

Skin peels can offer a revolutionary way to effectively treat ageing skin, acne, reduce sun damage and hyper pigmentation. This procedure can also help the skin to appear smoother, healthier, plumper and tighter.

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