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The Butterfly Effect

Updated: May 19, 2020


I am constantly asked “what can I do about X” or “How can I improve Y” and it’s rarely just 1 thing that will be the solution.. when my clients are open to a ‘wholistic approach’ they will always get the best results..

What does she mean ‘Wholistic Approach’? I hear you say... let me explain..

Meteorologists (the weather people) quite often use the phrase and concept called the Butterfly Effect and I think this relates really well to the principle I’m trying to explain..

The Butterfly Effect is all about what might seem like a very small and insignificant change in one place could result in large differences somewhere else or at a later stage.

The results we see from these changes will very often be to scale with the level of change we make.

For example,

Your skin feels dry so you apply a moisturiser in response to the dry feeling - a small change to relieve the dryness. The results are likely to make a relatively effective, short term change.

When our skin feels dry we have grown to believe that slapping on the moisturiser will solve the problem and to a small degree that’s true but it’s only treating 1 part of the problem! The top/outer layer of the skin - The Epidermis. The outer layer of your skin is made up of skin cells that are dead. In fact, they do nothing beyond providing a physical barrier that keeps water in and chemicals out. So a basic moisturiser can only achieve so much and the effects will only last so long.

But if we take a more wholistic approach to that issue.. think of your skin as the target and you are attacking from all angles! Its lots of small changes that will defeat the target.

· Look at your diet is it high in salt, high in processed foods. Could you eat more fresh food with high anti oxidants and vitamins?

· Are you drinking enough water? Feed your skin from the inside out! Did you know your skin is the largest organ you have so we need to nourish and hydrate it!

· Are you taking enough exercise? Our general health will have an impact on the condition of our skin.

· Think about your age and how that can effect our body.. as we age the speed of our skin cell turnover over reduces.. which means it takes longer for the new/fresh skin cells to reach the surface (the bit we see) so we might need to help that process along to keep our skin looking fresh and vibrant.

· Consistency is key! A one time attempt is not going to get long term results.

· Sun exposure - we all know how the UV rays BURN.. yes burn our skin.. read that again and think about why your skin might feel dry.. The ageing effects of the sun are the worst.. SPF is your BFF!! Sorry guys but it’s true and the best advice I can give you is to protect your skin. Prevention is better than cure.

· Think about the next layer of our skin... we’ve considered the top layer - The Epidermis. Now let’s go deeper... The Dermis. This is the second layer and is responsible for supporting the Epidermis. It’s made up of a variety of different cells and tissue including the famous Collagen and Elastin.... How do we reach this layer!? Serum! Typically the molecular structure of a serum is much finer and has the ability to penetrate much deeper into the Dermis. Please note: NOT ALL SERUMS ARE EQUAL! Check the quality and % of the ingredients!

· Stress and tension - these two buggers can really take their toll... it’s important to keep on top of this as much as possible - Look after your mental health.

I could go on...and on!

Like anything, the more rigorous you are with your target the better your chances of success.. Just taking one step at a time might make a small difference but do you only want a small difference? “I only want to improve my skin a little bit” said no-one ever!!

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Charlotte Grainger
Charlotte Grainger
Jun 09, 2020

Thank you ladies I’m really pleased that you found this useful and informative.. thank you for letting me know xxx


You have helped me make changes and my skin is loving it. Thank you. I haven't sun bathed in years as I've seen first hand what the sun can do to the skin ( my mum had skin cancer) and I'm so glad now that I stopped , I always use a foundation with spf in but think it's time I invested in a spf moisturizer too , especially now I'm getting older . X


Really enjoyed reading this , very informative and useful

Great read

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